NCL (Asia) is always interested in building a management team that requires linking work to each person's strengths. That means giving that person responsibilities corresponding to their skill level, the Management Team will be the core, pioneer, and keeper of the fire for the NCL (Asia) boat to soar high and far away. than.

The goal of NCL (Asia) is to build a lean human resources team with both talents and virtues. Where each manager will be an outstanding factor in their field.






General of Director

Graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1994. Founder of Elite Total Hygiene Solution in 1994. Secured the distribution rights of 3M for Elite from 1994 till now. Currently, Managing Director of Elite and NCL. Spend 27 years operating different businesses in Vietnam. Successfully brought in Foreign Direct Investment through Mergers and Acquisitions. Namely, Calfarme, Rentokil-Initial, Campbell Brothers, and National Chemical laboratories as some. Personal mission to bring the best innovative cleaning technologies from the world to Vietnam. Always ahead of the curve in the hygiene and sanitation industry in Vietnam





Deputy General Manager

He has been involved in NCL (Asia) for nearly 20 years, with many years of experience in the industry, and has always made positive contributions to the company's business. With his rich experience, he always proposes strategies. a business strategy, planning, customer retention, and development. is one of the factors determining the success of NCL (Asia) in the present and in the future.





Mr. Nguyen Van Lam

Business management

As one of the first employees, a veteran of NCL (Asia) Mr. Lam has a lot of experience in managing chain engineering, conveyor systems, always has important comments to innovate the operation system. motion. With many years of experience in the chemical industry, Mr. Lam has a deep understanding of products, grasps the psychology of Customers, and has reasonable and effective consulting strategies.

With his role, Anh Lam can include the ability to apply methods, processes, and techniques, to organize, motivate and control the company's personnel in the most optimal way.





Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha

Chief accountant

Although I just joined the company in June 2006, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to witness NCL Company from the early days of establishment and build NCL factory on the campus of Binh An Company. The factory officially went into production in January 2006, at that time the company had less than 10 employees. The Board of Directors and employees are members who have cooperated and worked together at other companies. NCL at that time was really a big family, and I also saw the growth potential of the Company, I also wanted to try a new role in the production company. It is for these reasons that I officially joined NCL when I received the offer in June 2006 - As the Head of Finance and Accounting Department of the Company, I always do my best, but the interests of the Company to the top. Ensure financial stability, control and manage costs, reduce taxes, minimize tax risks, and ensure the profit level set by the Company.


Ms. Mai Lien

Hanoi Office Manager

Starting from the years 2006 - 2008 I am the Admin in charge of managing the office for the VPHN of Van Lien Phong company (Former name of the company NCL and Van Dai Phat). In 2009 Moved to be in charge of office management and sales in the North of NCL. Up to this point, I have worked at the company in general for a period of 16 years (from 2006 to the present), always working positively, hard, and honestly with the assigned tasks. Fulfill all responsibilities, be responsible for their work, listen to the opinions of their superiors and operate and manage well the employees under their charge... The goal in the coming years will be to develop more channels. retail, maintain a large existing customer base and expand more products at manufacturing plants, promote NCL's products in the Northern region more.




Factory Management

My work goal is to find a challenging job in a dynamic environment where I can broaden my horizons and knowledge.

Responsible, diligent, and dynamic leader; and team players. Ability to communicate ideas to others, manage their own time, work under pressure, meet
Timely deadlines, organization, and prioritization of work. An independent professional is known to be dynamic and adaptable in a wide range of environments.

From April 2011 to September 2019 Business Development Manager of NCL (Asia). There are business decisions that have helped NCL (Asia) develop effectively.




Ms. Celia Hoang

Assistant General Manager

With many years of experience in operation and has held key management roles as well as consulted for the Business Board of Directors at multinational corporations.

At NCL (Asia), she is responsible for following most of the company's internal operating activities from human resources, communication, operation, and consulting to the General Director as well as implementing requirements from the Company. Ty to the Departments. With the goal of optimizing service quality standards and operational control. Proposing operational improvement plans and strategies to help the company grow.



Ms. Kathy Dang

Human Resource Management

Ms. Quan Dang started working at NCL (Asia) in May 2018 as a Human Resources Manager. In October 2019, by learning and progressing, he was promoted to be the Secretary of the General Director. - Support internal, external, transactional relations with authorities when assigned. Manage corporate governance records and other regulations according to working regulations and internal management regulations. - Tasks as assigned by the CEO. - Support Human Resources Department in implementing the General Director's instructions. -Monitoring and reporting to the CEO on regular developments in the company's operations in accordance with internal management regulations.