What should be paid attention to in terms of factory hygiene for food and beverage production establishments?

Factory hygiene for food and beverage production facilities is especially stricter than that of many other industrial hygiene items. Because this cleaning work must not only ensure that the factory is clean, but it must also be absolutely safe for those who work directly with the factory and must not adversely affect the finished products produced by the factory. go out.

When conducting factory cleaning for food and beverage production facilities, cleaners must absolutely pay attention to the following contents:

- Cleaning process and order of cleaning equipment (from top to bottom, from door to door, from clean places first, dirty places later).
- Comply with regulations on the use of factory cleaning chemicals, specifically:
- Chemicals before use must be mixed in the right proportion, properly classified to clean each equipment, and used properly so as not to affect the health of the cleaner.
- Chemicals must be stored with their labels intact, clearly stating their uses, expiry dates... so that cleaners can always find the right products they need.
- Cleaning staff when cleaning the factory must use appropriate protective equipment, must be trained and trained.
- Cleaners need to comply with regulations on chemical exposure.
- Last but especially important, it is the chemicals used in cleaning food and beverage processing facilities in general and industrial hygiene in particular, which need to have a clear origin, ensure quality, meet the standards set for each chemical used.

NCL (Asia) and international standard cleaning chemical product lines

50 years of accompanying the development of industries, NCL (Asia) deeply understand that chemicals used for factory cleaning, especially for food and beverage production facilities (such as Coca-Cola, Tan Hiep Phat factories,...) not only have to meet strict cleaning standards as prescribed but also need to ensure absolute safety for direct users.

Most importantly, these chemical lines must be environmentally friendly at the same time, without affecting the finished products of the production facility.

With that in mind, we have researched and introduced to the global market in general and Vietnam in particular industrial hygiene products that fully meet the standards of hygiene and safety for health. Proudly providing services to thousands of production facilities across the country, we have been and continue to strive to accompany the health of Vietnamese people.


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