Why should you use industrial dishwashing liquid for the foodservice industry?

Unlike ordinary household dishwashing liquid, industrial product lines are used for foodservice establishments. These products contain chemical ingredients at a standard level to achieve the ability to quickly clean large amounts of grease and food left on dishes at restaurants and bars.

Not only that, dishwashing liquid for the foodservice industry is also classified into many groups, in which users also need to take into account the factor of washing by machine or by hand. With each form, the service establishment can choose the product that best suits their needs.

New Standard for Industrial Dishwasher
Faced with the reality that consumers' health is increasingly affected by pollution, chemicals, etc., the use of dishwashing liquid in today's service establishments needs to pay special attention to the level of safety for the health of both. users and consumers.

Safe industrial dishwashing liquid today must meet specific criteria such as:

- Must be able to biodegrade, or in other words increase environmental friendliness, this type of chemical after completing the task of cleaning dishes will be able to decompose quickly in the waterline. waste so as not to pollute the environment.

- Must use natural fragrance instead of harmful odor-producing chemicals like some poor quality dishwashing liquid.

- Does not contain harsh detergents, potentially causing allergies or harm to the skin

- ...

Safe industrial dishwashing liquids are usually produced under advanced technology lines, from natural or tested ingredients and are certified to be completely harmless to human health.

NCL (Asia) and specialized industrial dishwashing liquid lines for the F&B industry

With 50 years of experience in providing industrial hygiene solutions in general and industrial product lines in particular, NCL (Asia) understands the importance and always puts the top priority on users' health. This includes both direct product users and their customers who use foodservice.

The products we supply and put on the market are not only safe for the hands and skin, friendly to the user but also guaranteed and certified to be completely harmless to the body. At the same time, products are also developed in the direction of washing dishes by hand and by machine, meeting all the needs of foodservice establishments.

We are proud to be ISO 9001:2008 NSF, Halal 2009 certified, and have provided solution packages to thousands of businesses in Vietnam for over 15 years.


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